Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Signs of a Cat Lady

Lately I've been bombarded with messages from various friends, enquiring about my well being. Now this is all well and good but these are friends who are:
  1. Far more mature than I am.
  2. In long lasting committed relationships.
  3. Are not neurotic.
Now I love my friends to bits, except for that "Jellyfish" one every group of friends has. Bitch. As I was saying, I love them but as soon as you are past the mourning stage of being newly single, this being the time when you stop watching films like "The Holiday" and "Nottinghill", and you start drinking indecent amounts of tequila with other indecently single friends. It's at this stage that they ask you if you want to start dating again or worse, they tell you that "so and so works in blah and he's really bleh and blurgh. You'd love him! We should set something up between you two!" This is not ideal. So I and The Scott, have resigned to the fact that we will be crazy old ladies, who drink gin and keep cats (And micro pigs for her.)

I think my friends may be more worried to the fact that I am infatuated with the feline species more so than the male species at the moment. What can I say? They're adorable. Now to do the really "Dalston Dickhead" thing and say, I liked cats before they were cool. I did though! Ever since I was small(er), I've been in love with cats. This though has been promoted lately with modern technology that has allowed "Crazy Cat Ladies" or "CCL's" connect and highlight the amazingness of cats! In particular there is one blog that I stalk constantly. 

The first is called "Cat Versus Human." For those of you who have cat's, you will understand the title. In this blog Yasmine illustrates brilliantly, the true workings of the cat-human relationship, as well has how we CCL's interact with general society.

 Now for those of you who assume that being a crazy cat lady means that you are incapable of having a relationship, you are to be proven wrong. CCL's may have a very functional relationship, only if the case is that the partner in question is accepting of the possibility of sharing the bed with a furry companion. Or rescuing kittens in the dead of night of cold, wet, winter streets as one of my oldest friends regularly does! Now Miss.P is one of those people who gives happily and does good where ever she goes, she also was my partner in crime when we were children for our kitty love.

I could venture in the whole Kitty Culture within fashion for that's an entirely different but I will just mention briefly an icon of mine. Karl Lagerfeld, recently got a kitten and dear God I cried rainbows when I saw this picture of it!

So to all you CCL's, indulge in all that kitty goodness!

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