Thursday, December 23, 2010

Infamous Last Words Indeed!

I think that I've gone beyond temping fate to fully inviting it in and asking it whether it preferred the red wine or the white wine as I serve up the remainders of my sanity with a side dish of my patience.

Five days of disastrous travel later and I'm finally heading in the general direction of Ireland with the strategic use of trains, boats and Wales. When in doubt go to Wales!

So unfortunately I've had to go back on my word, as I had promised to give handy little recipes for x-mas along with various locations around Dublin and other areas that are suitable to meet up with old friends.

However I can give you two little reviews on two hotels that I had to do an emergency stay at hotels who's clientele are on different ends of the "social ladder." The Hilton Gatwick and Premier Inn Euston. When I arrive back in Ireland and have my sanity to some degree back then I shall reveal the dark truth.....It's not that ominous but still quite surprising.

Happy Christmas All x

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