Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ain't Nothing But

Ain't Nothing But,
20 Kingly Street,

Oh what I can I say about this place....well I can say a lot but they're all good trust me.

Ain't Nothing But, for me, is a magical place that fuses two things that I like to see in a bar, good live music and the nicer aspects of a dirty little bar. Ain't Nothing But does this and more. I'm an avid fan of general indie music and what not so to my surprise I found myself one night in a pure blues bar in Soho. Now in my mind blues is all meloncholly styled music , that's half true, SOME of it is but that night none of it really was.

When I went to the bar, it was a Monday and my friend and I believed that it was going to be a quiet drink out with some gentle blues music. Oh how mistaken we were! Upon entering we were faced with a full little bar with friendly faces from various proffesions and industries all swarming together due to a shared love of blues music, or in my case music. The atmosphere is one that I've never found in many clubs or event nights (with the exceptiong of WAR in Dublin.) It can only be described as hominess in a dirty old mans bar. I know that doesn't sound so great but unless you've been to such a place you will always be ignorant of the gentle atmoshpere.

Although the atmoshpere is altered mildly due to the music. Upbeat, loud, live, lusty music, what more could I ask for?! Well drinks are always a good start.

For London the prices for drinks are reasonable, for an Irish person living on the London outskirts, the prices are brilliant compared to Ireland. Ask them and they will do their best to provide whatever concotion you crave. A good example is my present vice of tequila with various other drinks with a twist of lime.

I can't really say much more about this place apart from that I highly recomend it.

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