Friday, January 28, 2011

Market Living

Borough Market,
8 Southwark Street,

Oh. Dear. God! This is the most frustratingly brilliant places I've ever been to in a long long time. The only way to describe it is as an artist haven, a foodies visual orgasm and my nirvana.

The whole premises consists of a labyrinth of stalls and vendors selling luxury food at a price that immediately forces you to suck air through your teeth. But these sellers are crafty, they've learnt that we (meaning 'I') can be made do any bidding my the meager use of 'free samples'. It does also help that the samples happen to be absolutely amazing, after all who'd have thought that a free sample of an award winning granola would have me raving about it hours later?!

My best advice is to arrive early, this way you can see all the fresh game before it's snatched up and the more interesting of the homegrown produce bought or mauled by curious tourists.

Eat lunch in and perhaps sample an ostrich steak burger. Don't pull that horrified look at me! Ostrich meat is actually one of the healthiest meats in the world, low in fat, high in tastes and apparently very easy to produce. I'm always surprised that it isn't as highly advertised as it should be, this is also coming from a beef farmers daughter! I know my meat.

If you're not quite after food then have a look at all the juice stalls. One in particular, it's name has completely left my head (typical), mainly specializes in warmed spiced juice, perfect for the early days of spring that are still holding onto that bitter winter bite. I happily recommend the 'Warm Spiced Pear", a drink designed to heavily mess with your senses of seasonal time, the pear suggesting a nice summer drink whilst the spices bring forward festive spirits. Perfect for Spring I think.

I can't really say much more about the market except that I should be there again soon to try and see more but I doubt that I'll ever see it all in one day.

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