Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can't Fight That Festive Feeling!

It's that time again! The time when children go into a sugar induced frenzy over toys. The time when the shops are crowded and mildly dangerous. The time when stumbling home covered in glitter at 5am is deemed acceptable. A time when your bank manager is rubbing his hands together. All of these things do not put me in a festive mood. Well to be honest, I am rather fond of the glitter thing! To follow the old cliche, Christmas is a time for friends and family. Considering today's economic and political climate, those words couldn't be more true today than ever. But still it is rather nice to get a gift from somebody you love.

Now if you, like me and copious amounts of my friends, have found yourselves lacking funding to buy outstanding presents then read on. If you do find that you have money to buy them, then please think of your Little Critic and send a Kitchen Aid my way please.

I've noticed lately that every newspaper and magazine in the past week have spreads on spending on a budget. Funnily enough, the things under £10's were either socks, underwear or something that has no real function. No. Just no. I have had my fill of festive socks and underwear. It is only acceptable to buy a woman underwear if you are either A. Her boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/partner B. Her Sugar-daddy C. Her boss down in the local "Tease and Tassels" club. If you are not in these three categories then don't do it. If you are then please, please, PLEASE buy something sexy. Novelty underwear is fine......but don't expect sex. You have been warned.

This is Sexy


Moving swiftly on. For those of us who will not be receiving things and shall only be giving this Christmas, I have carefully selected items that you can either make or buy for the ones you love. Now I could put them all in one post but unfortunately I have flu and my motivation levels have dropped after opening the first door on the advent calender. But I'll give you the first thing that I can think of for the moment.

For Mum

Afternoon tea. Now I haven't met a girl yet who's had afternoon tea and has refused to have it again. Afternoon tea is the opportunity to indulge in a primal sense of luxury and opulence, without having to go white tie. Think more Atonement and Downton Abbey than meeting the royals. In London there are various places where you can do Afternoon Tea but I'd personally stick with the top notch places because after all, it is mum!

I have vivid memories of visiting relatives and having afternoon tea or high tea with them. Occasions such as these is what births the stigma attached to afternoon tea. But today, afternoon tea is very Haute Fashion at the moment. At roughly £40-£50 per person for a basic afternoon tea, these places will refuse to offer you soggy sandwiches with fish paste in them.  

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