Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Lazy and Talentless

Ok, in the last post I confessed to my potential of being a baby Dickhead but this nothing compared to the horror I've just witnessed which will again lead to one of my favorite rants du jour! Now let me set the scene up for you, I've been living here in London for 3 years now roughly. I have the pleasure of having culture thrusting itself vigorously at me. If I don't want that, then I can watch various programs ranging from my pure geek fests where David Attenbourgh is king (do not argue with me!!) to well thought out comedies with underlying social issues such as "Threesome", to all out trashy tv made for watching with a hangover and pizza. The last of course being The Jeremy Kyle Show. Bless Jezzer! Now these shows are all reasonably original and if not then they have thought of a new way to make "fresh" and keep people interested.

Now for those of you who are not Ireland and have not had the opportunity to witness "original" Irish tv, then this will be a pleasure for you. Two shows that are the bane of life for the sheer lack effort and thought. The first is called Fade Street and the second is called Tallafornia. In general, to me, reality shows like Jersey Shores and these two monstrosities are great examples of cheap media and highlight the increasing lack of common sense within my generation and younger. Right so let me divide this up into little rants so you can see my well formed and constructed argument about these shows.

1. People are actually getting paid to star in, make, produce and edit them. I have various friends who are in this industry and have put forward so many genius ideas that have been put down due to them being deemed "unsuitable for Irish culture." It can't be just me who feels that this is a little reminiscent of Father Ted in the 90's when no Irish station would back the comedy about the Irish priesthood so Channel 4 took them in. Channel 4 then basked in the praise and the revenue created by it!

2. These shows encourage children and teenagers to behave in such an inappropriate way that is sickening. Now I'm no angel myself but I do believe that once you are past the age of 20 that you are allowed certain liberties but still I do not dress like a very laxed prostitute waiting for my next set of Botox sessions to come through. HOW are these shows allowed to be shown and encouraged?! From the 60's through to the mid 90's, music was the highway for sex, drugs and rock&roll. These were deemed unacceptable but somehow telling young girls that yes it's ok to behave like some little idiot and that needing to shag anything insight as long as you've got inches of fake-tan on is socially acceptable? People wonder why their kids are going out and drinking at 13, smoking at 14 and pregnant at 15?

3. What is the actual point of these shows? I don't actually know if it's just me being funny but I like shows to have some sort of baseline issue. The new comedy "Threesome" feature Amy Hubberman carried the baseline thought of modern day pregnancies within unconventional settings along with the realization of coming of age. There may be a possibility that I relate to the lead female character (without the pregnancy bit) but still it presents issues that my generation are being to face. Again these shows present no form of anything educational or touches any modern realistic issues that are neither staged nor put forward by somebody who I doubt could find the location of the local GUM clinic!

4. It's all been done before. It was terrible when the states did it. It was dreadful when the UK did it and now it's an absolute train-wreck when Ireland did it.

These are things that frankly, fuck me right off. Whenever I come home I automatically watch English channels because I know I can be guaranteed originality. What I would love to see is a producer in Ireland taking a risk and questioning modern Irish society. I want a show that presents modern issues  such as the deepening of the "Depression Recession" amongst a young generation, the social stigma that surrounds being anything but straight and the under the breath racism that I have noticed more and more. These are issues that are not deemed as offensive in England to air but in Ireland it feels like blasphemy to even suggest real topics and agenda's be introduced without some political or religious agenda.

Please somebody, can you stop things like Tallafornia being made and actually make something worth watching.

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  1. Father Ted was never turned down by any Irish TV station. It was never offered to them as the creators were already established in England as successful comedy writers.