Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Love my Life as a Dickhead......

So I went out in Dalston (again!) with Blondie (again!). We drank Lucky Stripe. Ok when I say we I mean I drank it as we walked along before chancing our luck with a club that shall never be mentioned again, then proceeded to feel somewhat very vommity for a tense 5-10mins.  We  listened to synth. We spoke to many people wearing beanie hats, sporting a moustache and lenseless thick framed glasses.  For all my " I will never be a hipster dickster!" ranting, I've started to come to terms that I may in fact be one. All those who know me may want to get tested for dickheadness!

In true LC fashion, I have not portrayed my evening well. Lets start again. Having been greatly let down by Mother Bar in Shoreditch, by greatly let down I refer to the fact that charming our way past the bouncer without paying the £7.50 fee in was the highlight, we decided to jump in a petrol deficient cab and run back to our increasingly favourite haunt in Dalston, The Alibi

Now for those of you who live in the general London vicinity, you will be mildly aware that Dalston is slowly revamping into the "it" place to live and go out.  Of course, Blondie and I did not randomly find this place. We carefully chose it out of  a handful of "hip, young places" and did not just happen to wander int he first time because there was 1. No cue and 2. the guys ahead of us had tattoos! What sort of narrow minded girls do you think we are?! The right kind, that's what!

When you walk past The Alibi you can feel the coolness oozing out of it in the exact way mist oozes out of a grave in low budget film. Guys shuffle past with cheeky grins and colorfully impressive ink, whilst the girls dance about with equally impressive ink. The odd think about the place is that everybody is friendly! To those of you unused to places such as this, they usually posses some cold sharp edge of uncaring cruelty that renews some sense of childish vulnerability. Which is bad. The Alibi however is a concrete basement that emits warmth and friendliness. This may have been a drink induced warmth but I am still sure that most of the people I spoke to in there were nice!

Situated down the road from the infamous Dalston Superstore and run by Real Gold, The Alibi has hit all the right notes in my books for a pretty decent night out. The drinks are at a reasonable price for the basics that they are, the bouncers are amusing and highly aware of every passing, the staff are friendly, the music  flows quite happily and finally there seems to be a rather large ratio of males to females. This naturally does not impact our judgement on where we always end up.

We are good girls. Well from 9-5 we are.......

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