Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silence is Not So Golden

Ah well that was a long absence wasn’t it! You may thank a variety of factors, personally I’d like to blame work schedules and a severe lack of internet...JOY! However have no fear, despite all this I’ve been eating, watching and casually getting drunk with the help of some fairly prestigious people, damn them and their seductively smooth tequila!

Moving swiftly on, well actually that’s what the blog shall now be doing. It has come to my attention, via one of my regular conversations with myself on a crowded tube, that I’m finding it difficult to just keep focus on just food and that my attention is starting to stray towards general lifestyle. So now I shall be delving into lifestyle and will try very hard not to cross over into Sexy Exy’s territory of fashion, (although it was my territory first, I just let him have it because he makes a good rent boy.)

So you can expect a long blast of reviews stored up, mini illustrations, photos, lifestyle goodies and my usual dose of insanity!

Enjoy lovlies xx

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