Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Porterhouse Temple Bar

16-18 Parliament Street
Dublin 2
(01) 6798847

This places covers some requirements for me that pubs must have.
1. Decent music
2.Decent food
3. Decent choice of drink.

On the various occasions that I wander into Porterhouse I've usually been greeted with a live band of some description playing some music of some description. This music then spurs on a half ambition of "Yeah I could be a music producer! I could make them big" But I usually get distracted when I see my friends returning with my love of my life. Früli.

Yesterday after a disastrous flight back to Dublin, I was treated as a half date, to a trip to Porterhouse and I have to tell you, this guy got full marks as he ordered me the two things I wanted most. A Smokey Barbecue Burger (Yeah it was a date and I devoured a burger in a non lady like fashion. He just laughed at it. Thank God!) and a Früli.

Now I would slight consider myself an expert on burgers. For a burger to be good, this is a genuine fact, you must be able to to fit it in your mouth without overstretching your jaw. Well I may have over stretched my jaw but that's only because the onion was made to look pretty in the burger. Having removed that (and used chips to remove the BBQ sauce) the burger was then of an eatable standard.

The only problem with that experience there was that there was a large booking on the same floor as us so they got all the juicy window seats where himself and myself like to sit. Now I wouldn't say we pass judgment on the people walking past.....well actually that's exactly what we do. So having not gotten our judgement thrones we lurked in a little darkened corner and I think we scarred away an American family after he compared my eating a burger to eating kittens. I blame the Früli.

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