Monday, November 15, 2010

The Exhibition Inn

The Exhibition Inn
3-5 London Road
PE29 2HZ
United Kingdom

+44 1480 459134

I've recently noticed an increasing trend amongst many restaurants and pubs, they appear to enjoy using the word "gastro." I know that you mightn't find this amusing but I do seeing as "gastro" essentially means stomach so we are therefore going to pay through the nose to go eat in a "Stomach" pub. That being the amusing part, the annoying part is that so many pubs in the UK claim to be a Stomach Pub and therefore believe it just to charge an inexcusable amount of money for two chips that have been dipped in rose petals and a piece of beef that previously had been hand fed by Delia Smith and slept on a bed made from Cheryl Coles hair. This all of course being a micro meal designed to feed a child, not of course somebody who is genuinely hungry. So I'm always happy to refrain from using the before mentioned title for such pubs. That was of course before I was dragged to The Exhibition on Bonfire night to escape cowering Jack Russels and the dreaded "Friday Night Tv Slump."

Now the person who was taking me to The Exhibition had hyped it up in regards to it's pizza's. So we rolled in, cold and me still looking over my shoulder wearily for fireworks, finding ourselves a nice table and a tab was quickly opened (I do enjoy it when he takes me out with his tab.) I was handed the menu and of course I was expecting the standard pizzas, Hawaiian, Peperoni, Ham and Mushroom etc. What I was expecting was Thai Beef Pizza with Lime, Tandoori Chicken and Yogurt and many others that sent my mind into a complete fluster.

So dutifully I ordered the Thai Beef Pizza whilst Mr. Jepp ordered the Tandoori chicken. He being a veteran to this local haunt didn't seem to grasp my awe but happily put up with the excited little three year old I'd suddenly turned into. Shortly after the pizzas arrived and I was amazing. Unlike other places that serve pizzas, the meat was not from a packet but was a completely fresh chunk of steak with a lime carefully placed in the centre. It seemed a shame to eat it.....but I was hungry and edible art is generally in the need of being eaten.

Now I have to highlight that pizza was of a substantial size as was Mr.Jepp's who then proceeded to help me finish mine, not before I ate all the tender beef off. Having been greatly satisfied by "Nomtastic" pizza I took a look around the little pub and was even more pleased. Traditional English Pub is the most suitable phrase to match The Exhibition. The building itself is a grade two listed building nestled in a town that carries a complimenting mixture of old converted farmhouses and modern housing in an area on the outskirts of Cambridge. The atmosphere in the pub itself is warm and welcoming which is always appreciated in the recent blustery and often harsh cold weather.

Personally I can't wait to go again and possibly this time steal something off Mr.Jepps plate for once.

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