Thursday, November 4, 2010

Charlies One

71 Dame Street
Dublin 2
(01) 6793455

Oh dear. How many times have I ended up here attempting to order for about 5 people without slurring my words and keep perfect balance at the same time. It's a hard skill trust me.

In all fairness I can honestly say I have never stepped foot in here sober. Which puts it into my drunken food category and does not step over the boundary that divides drunk food and sober food. Only three or for places have ever crossed it.

Now when you're drunk the food is spot on! And even better.....they have toilets! The food is greasy and fatty therefore making it perfect as it makes it a lot easier to eat when you're ever so slightly intoxicated. The food is very easy to eat on the move as I've done the whole "OK guys....we get the food and then we peg it and get a taxi so we can watch a DVD and devour this.....then maybe have a few more drinks."

Although I do deny eating it in the morning when I catch sight of the plastic trays and the seedy smell of old Chinese lingering in the air. I'm sure drunk me would beg to differ.

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