Thursday, November 4, 2010

Green Nineteen

19 Camden Street Lower
Dublin 2
(01) 4789626

It was one of those rare days when the sun was out for the whole day and was even radiating heat when my friend and I decided to dine in Green Nineteen, carefully chosen for the price range, cocktail list and location.

Having arrived and being seated by the window despite desperately hoping to be sitting outside we ordered a cocktail each. As students we are decided that we are excellent judges of cocktails and what should be a suitable strength of alcohol after my own mishap that shall only be referred to as "The Mojito Fiasco." My friend ordered a mojito and I a Pimms in honour of the sunshine. The cocktails were delicious however the Pimms was lacking cucumber and various other ingredients that are normally associated with this summer treat. None the less it was happily drunk.

We both shared a starter of a daily selection of pinchos which we greedily devoured and instantly regret not getting the larger portion because oh the carefully selected tastes. We quickly moved onto mains and had a Mexican Chili Bean Burrito each (I know we're an adventurous pair ain't we!) The Burrito absolutely hit the spot with it's presumably hand cut chips. Needless to say we both left pretty content. This is possibly one of the best places for value for money and is highly recommended from a little foodie student.

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