Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pygmalion Cafe

Powerscourt Townhouse Centre
Dublin 2

+353 1 6334479

Oh Murphy and his Laws are at work here, bastard. I have spent a good two years......ok I lie when I say two years I mean six months, trying to find a cafe that can be my local haunt that fulfills my requirements.


1. No tourists- Not to seem anti-tourist in present economic climate but it is a little frustrating when you're attempting to rush through Dublin and there's somebody walking very very slowly in front of you because the want to take a picture of a "typical Irish pavement/sidewalk/footpath/walking-space/ Zara's running track". HOWEVER ,every time I have been here I have only ever seen one tourist who happened to be rather lovely and did not interrupt my coffee drinking. Bliss.

2.Polite staff- I'm pretty sure that the head waiter and manager are beginning to recognise me but not with disgust. Always with a smile, a little joke and me swooning ever so slightly. Oh did I not mention that they're rather good looking?

3. Good food- Now I wouldn't class myself as an expert in chips but I'd think that I'm pretty close. Now the chips here.......WOW! I reverted back to growling and my partner in crime when he tried to steal one. This has only ever happened once and that was with the last of a cupcake from Magnolia Bakery NY. So they're good.

4.Decent drinks- Homemade peach ice-tea, also within walking distance of the "Pygmailion Bar", 'Nuff said I think.

5.Comforting decor- The decor is in a word, homey. Beaten leather couches, padded cream seats and sturdy wooden tables with mismatched cushions strewn around the cafe. Don't forget to look up at the big feathery/fluffy chandelier dangling above.

6. Entertainment- Oh there's plenty of it here without being to obnoxious. Situated in the middle of the centre on the ground floor, it's prime location for sitting and watching the world go by. The music isn't loud and doesn't drown out conversation. So far I haven't heard any recent chart music which is nice just to listen to some Damien Rice and Snowpatrol just dancing in and out of ear shot.

I'm pretty sure this is my new haunt.

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