Thursday, November 4, 2010

Avoca Cafe

Powerscourt Estate
Enniskerry, Co. Wicklow
(01) 2046066

! Loike the only bad thing about Avoca is loike that there's loike no Dort there so you have to loike take a bus or loike drive a cor like a focking pov! But it's ok though because mummsie loike buys me an AMAZING lunch there.

OK right I actually can't write like that because I have to think that way and it just reminds me of where I used to live. ANYWAY that is the majority of the clientele there, I'm not stereotyping everyone there......just most of the people there.

For me there the clothes are just........well.....mutton trying to dress as yummy mummy lamb a bit. The prices of the garments in relation to the quality of clothes, fabric and the actually garment don't add of for me personally, I feel it's a little over priced. 119euros for a little cardigan that I can get in other stores for less than thanks.

Clothing aside, all the little trinkets for homes and the general home-wear section is where I absolutely loose myself in. I went in today to get a cocktail shaker and came out with 3 cook books, a teapot, a tea cup and saucer and some measuring cups in European sizes and American sizes! I'm an impulse buy fiend!

Now if you've never been to Avoca, don't be put off buy the slightly pretentious people that stalk the floor there and I'm not just talking about the staff, do nip into the cafe and order some food there and be sure to get some salad there. I know that some people think the salads are 'basic and for food snobs' but in all fairness...damn right their for food snobs! Broccoli salad with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes with a lemon dressing! Eh hello! Do I have taste buds? I think so and I think they enjoy being a little bit food snobby.

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